Eidon Ionic Minerals
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Eidon Ionic Minerals
Eidon Ionic Minerals
2 years

New Age

Eidon Ionic Minerals has been in business since 1996. Having gone through many phases in it's life, it was time to push into the digital age with professional content.


Product Education

The goal was to become a strong authority in mineral education. This started by translating articles and research that sat in the archives for years into easily digestible content for all social media channels. If we could educate the community on minerals and their role in the body, we could communicate the importance of Eidon Ionic Minerals.


Content Creation

The result of our collaboration was exposer to what Eidon could do on digital platforms. Giving the staff a set of content for minerals, store education and new e-commerce product photography.


Let's collaborate & create.

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