Meal Prep Sunday San Diego
Meal Prep Sunday Services crafts and delivers fully prepared meals for over 3,500 San Diego locals on a weekly basis.
Meal Prep Sunday San Diego
Meal Prep Sunday Services
2 Years


Meal Prep Sunday San Diego at this point had grown out of their local esthetic. As the company grew larger and larger by the week, the image and professionalism of the brand had to mature.


New Brand Presence

The goal was to rebrand the instagram page and marketing funnel with fresh content shot with the product and influencers in the San Diego region. No photoshopped product shots, just real photography and real product to generate a real feeling in the consumers.


3x Increase in revenue per year

Through our collaboration, we were able to dominate the San Diego market and launch Meal Prep Sunday to the top of meal delivery services in the region with revenue increases in the 7 figures. All while setting the company up for expansion to Orange County and Los Angeles.


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